Our 900m track circles our shady party area before exiting into the Australian Railway Historical Society’s museum area.  The passengers are then taken on a 500 meter journey into the museum, past old carriages, the carriage shed and around a balloon loop to return back past the carriage shed and into KMR grounds. A canteen operates on the public running days.

track map

The party area is equipped with 10 tables available for hire.  We also  supply BBQ’s as a part of the cost of a party.  Extra tables and chairs are available upon request.

The public area, available to the general public has seating facilities and limited table area.

Toilet facilities available to all patrons.


Our canteen is open on both running days.

The canteen supplies a range of hot foods, tea and coffee and cold drinks.

For a full list of what is available, please click here.

Soup is also available in the colder months: $2.00/cup


BBQ’s are provided for booked parties.  Depending on the number of parties booked for the day, there will be one BBQ shared between two parties up to 8 parties.  Over 8 parties the 4 BBQ’s will be shared between all parties.


There are several  bins within the party area for general rubbish and a recycling bin.  No foodstuffs should be placed in the recycling bin.

This bin is for cans and bottles only.


There is ample parking outside the railway museum;

When parking, please be mindful of others and do not block access.

Parking is free.


Some photos of our grounds are below.